Did you know that a PC keyboard hides more germs and bacteria than a toilet seat?

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On average, bacteria concentration on PC keyboards is 70x higher than on toilet seats.

Wait, what?

In fact, this is just one of the discoveries we made when researching keyboards and workplace safety in our brand design stage. If you work in the healthcare sector, you know these environments require maximum hygiene levels to safeguard both patients and professionals. Therefore, every device needs to meet the best sterilization standards to prevent the spread of infections, viruses, and bacteria. 

And what about IT devices?


IT devices play a much more crucial role than you might think. Indeed, several workers are to use them on a daily basis and many of them might use the same device, thereby increasing the chance to come into contact with reservoirs and – in turn – to carry them around. For this reason, microbes and dirt between the keys should not be underestimated.


Now try and take a closer look at the keyboard you use everyday.


Do you spot anything?

Probably what you think are just insignificant specks of dust actually prove to be much more dangerous entities, with which you interact every time you fill out a form or simply type on your device. 


Would you like to learn more about this topic?

You will find some of the most significant research papers and scientific studies we consulted when researching new solutions to increase workplace safety.

Are you ready to remain speechless? 

We sure did.      


What our customers say about us

My dental clinic has always required the highest cleanliness level, disinfecting and sterilizing every item. Thoroughly sanitizing traditional keyboard was quite unfeasible, so we had to cover them with a film. We needed to carry out this procedure before every new patient. However, the level of cleanliness between the keys was always unknown. After a thorough analysis and evaluation of the possible options, we decided that glass keyboards were the perfect solution to sanitize in short times. And their use has confirmed this aspect.

- Dr. Benedetto Armanti 

I’m a dentist and I bought 6 keyboards for my dental practice. It's an excellent product - way more aesthetically pleasing and performing than we expected. Surprisingly, our customers noticed and appreciated them as well. 

Dr. Danilo Del Bianco

Perfectly smooth, it can be easily cleaned, and the tactile feedback is really effective.   It is surely a breakthrough as compared to traditional keyboards, whose thorough cleansing is more of a utopian dream than an attainable result. During a time in which sanitising practices get all the more importance, I think this choice was worth the expense and I’d certainly do it again.

- Dr. Benedetto Armanti 

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Sanitary Report
'Medical IT devices: how to achieve the highest level of protection from viruses, bacteria or infections'

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