Glass medical Keyboards

The complete catalogue of glass keyboards from DoctorKeyboards.

Medical keyboards for healthcare and medical workplaces:

  • dentists,
  • medical offices,
  • hospitals,
  • analysis laboratories and clean rooms.

What advantages do Doctorkeyboards glass keyboards offer:

  1. are touch keyboards, with a completely smooth surface. The tactile feedback of the keyboard is given to you by activating the sound and vibration of the keys: our keyboards are equipped with two buttons, with which you can activate one or the other mode - or both;
  2. they are hygienic: their surface has no gaps between the keys, so germs and bacteria cannot infiltrate the keyboard (as happens with common plastic keyboards);
  3. are washable and highly sanitised keyboards: simply switch them off with the ON/OFF button and wipe the surface with a cloth soaked in water or cleaning solution. In seconds, your keyboard will be completely sanitised!
  4. are all IP67-rated (except the TVB06 model, which is IP65-rated), making them resistant to water, dust and external agents. 

All these features make them completely suitable and suitable for healthcare environments: from medical offices, dentists and hospitals to analysis laboratories and clean rooms. 

The white colour of the keypads is reminiscent of sterilisation and goes well with medical work environments.

But the glass keyboards you see in our catalogue can also be customised.

In fact, it is possible:

  • change colour and also order them black: black is a colour of innate elegance;
  • you can change the logo, inserting that of your company;
  • or, customise the layout. 

Take a look at our catalogue of glass touch keyboards and choose the DoctorKeyboards most suitable for your working environment!

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