We at KM Soltec launched DoctorKeyboards during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our aim was to provide not only an innovative product but also an accessible solution to prevent the spread of infections and viruses in healthcare structures.

Since the first news on Coronavirus, it was clear that the people most in danger were the ones working in the healthcare industry. 

Therefore, we did our homework. We analyzed the market, consulted medical research papers, we studied and learned. What surprised us the most was the keyboards’ dirtiness. In fact, if not appropriately cleaned, they can hide more bacteria than a toilet seat

Thus, we drew on our expertise in the IT field and we created DoctorKeyboards. These glass keyboards are specifically made for those who work in the healthcare industry - but not only them. They are easy to clean, 100% hygienic, and prevent the spread of diseases. Furthermore, they add the needed nice touch to enhance the aesthetics of any workplace, be it a doctor’s clinic or a legal firm.


At the foundation of our distribution business, there are important core values we keep at heart and share with our clientele.

We belive in:

• Empathy and Community Support - We care for people's health and we want to support the safety of our community.

Innovation - We think technology has the power to make a big difference in our everyday life. Above all, our brand provides safer input devices with drastically reduced cleaning time.

• Environmental Consciousness - We want to safeguard our planet and we strongly believe that small actions all together can make a big difference. DoctorKeyboards are eco-friendly requiring a fraction of water and detergent you would employ to sanitize a traditional keyboard. 

We gathered some of the research papers and materials our team used in the report ‘IT Devices for Medical Use’, so they could be freely accessible to our customers.

Abbiamo raccolto alcuni degli studi e dei materiali che il nostro team ha utilizzato durante la progettazione del brand nel dossier sanitario "Dispositivi informatici ad uso medicale", affinché potessero essere liberamente accessibili ai nostri clienti. 

Click here to read it: Ur Report

To receive a free, tailored consultation contact us at:

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