[Case study] Glass Keyboards for Dental Clinics

Take a closer look at one of our customers' dental clinic and see how he employed our glass keyboards.

"It's an excellent product - way more aesthetically pleasing and performing than we expected. Surprisingly, our customers noticed and appreciated it as well"

- Dott. Del Bianco

Here's Studio Del Bianco dental clinic. Can you spot our glass keyboard?

Studio Dtt. Del Bianco - Foto 1

Thanks to their completely smooth glass surface, glass keyboards are easily sanitazable, thereby preventing the spread of infections and ensuring a safe, sterile environment. You can deeply clean them with substances such as alcohol or detergents - and this is one of their key strengths. Therefore, they are perfectly suited for the healthcare industry, beauty clinics, tattoo studios, and dental clinics - as in this case.

Additionally, they are high-tech, innovative, and durable devices, which will bring your workplace design and aesthetics to the next level.️

Studio Dtt. Del Bianco - Foto 2

Studio Dtt. Del Bianco - Foto 3

Not sure which is the most suitable keyboard for your needs? Would you like a tailored consultation, or do you have special requests for one of your projects? Turn to our experts!

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