Elegant, black glass keyboards with a sleek, compact design.

Our DoctorKeyboards touch keyboards are not only in demand in the medical field, but are also used by all those companies who want to embellish their office and make it more elegant.  

This is the case of an architect's office in Milan, which asked us for two elegant black glass keyboards.

Black glass keyboards: why they are also suitable for non-medical use

Glass keyboards are usually the most suitable for the medical sector.  

This is because they are waterproof, sanitised (and hygienic) keypads and suitable for environments where sterilisation is the watchword.  

The most commonly used colour for glass keyboards is white, which is very reminiscent of hospitals and dental surgeries.


Our glass DoctorKeyboards are also available in black, which is also widely used in other areas, not limited to the medical field.

This is because glass keyboards are computer tools of undisputed elegance, and they also find their full expression in offices and areas where aesthetics are of primary importance.  

This is why an architect's office in Milan approached us at DoctorKeyboards to request two elegant black glass keyboards to be inserted in mahogany desks.

Here is how Doctor Keyboards fulfilled the customer's request

Mahogany is the most elegant wood of all.  

And for such elegant desks, the black glass keyboards fit like a glove! 

We immediately delivered the two keyboards to our customer, who was extremely satisfied with the product! 

Here you can see the type of keyboards ordered by the customer.

As you can see, he chose the TVB04 model, with integrated touchpad: a very complete and functional type.

But why did the customer choose this particular model? 

What is its special feature and how did it meet the customer's requirement?

The TVB04 keyboard has a physical conformation such that it is more suitable for recessing in a desk than other models.

Want to see this product up close?

If you are interested in our glass keyboard models but do not know which one is best suited for your sector or field of work?  

Contact us.  

Our technicians at DoctorKeyboards are at your disposal to guide you towards an informed choice of product.

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