How to deeply clean your DoctorKeyboards in just 10 seconds

Learn how to deeply sanitize your glass keyboards in just 10 seconds following these easy steps. 

Especially with the ongoing situation around Covid-19, in-depth sterilization of commonly used devices has become all the more crucial. However, this is not necessarily synonymous with longer and laborious processes. To achieve thorough sanitization, you no longer need to spend time and energy on meticulous cleaning between keystrokes, with the risk of still not having totally eliminated the microbes. Indeed, with DoctorKeyboards hidden dirt stuck between keys will no longer be an issue. 

One of the main strengths of glass keyboards is that they are very easy to sanitize. Thanks to their completely smooth surface and their IP67 protection rating from water and dust, you can clean them right on your workstation without unplugging them from your PC or switching off your device.

Now, we will explain to you how to do so, step by step. 

IMPORTANT: During this procedure, you will NOT need to remove it from your working station, and you will not need to switch off any of your devices. 

Let’s begin...

On the top-right corner of the keyboards, there is a button with a lock that temporarily deactivates the entire keyboard. You just need to press and hold it for some seconds until it lights up. This is the signal that your keyboard is no longer active, and you can start cleaning it without the risk of typing into the device.

Igenizzare la tastiera - 1

Once your input device is deactivated, you will just need a cloth and some alcohol or detergent: spray the substance on the surface of the keyboard and wipe it off.

When you are done with the cleaning, press again on the clean-lock button until the light turns off. Now, your keyboard is sanitized and ready to use.

Igenizzare la tastiera - 2

In this way, not only will the cleaning process of your input device become easier and faster as compared to silicon keyboards, but it will also guarantee a higher level of hygiene.

Obtaining such a high level of cleanliness in such a short time has never been this easy!


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