You must have been to the dentist at least once for a check-up, or to a health facility for examinations or analyses. 

And when you entered one of these medical offices, did you ever notice which keyboards were placed on the desk? Or inside the facility's medical trolleys?

Most probably not.

This is because keyboards and - in general - IT tools found in medical settings are often very undervalued, even by the professionals working there or the IT managers who choose them.

So let us now assume that you are an IT manager in one of these facilities, or the owner of the medical or dental office.  

So, we turn directly to you.

Which keyboards did you choose to purchase for your studio?

Because if you have chosen medical glass keyboards, then our job ends here.  

But if, on the other hand, you have chosen to buy plastic keyboards... then you have made a big mistake. 

And now we'll tell you why.

Plastic keyboards: 4 reasons that make them totally unsuitable for the healthcare sector

Plastic keyboards are the most widely used in any industry.

Why is that?

Simple: because they are consumer keyboards, the most common on the market, which cost very little.  

The problem arises when these keyboards are also used in areas such as healthcare, where cleanliness and hygiene should be the watchwords.

This is where the trouble starts.

Because plastic keyboards represent the dirtiest computer tool par excellence.

You know those funny slits you see, every time you lower your eyes to your keyboard?

Here, those are the first place where viruses, germs, bacteria and dust get into their daily use.

This means that every time you use a plastic keyboard, you are touching something dirty, which sticks to your fingers.

Try to think if you work in a dental office and you have to receive a patient.  

And everything should be clean, tidy, sanitised: so that you don't cause infections to your patients.  

But no.  

You chose to use dirty, contaminated keyboards, totally unsuitable for the medical sector in which you work, and for obvious reasons:

1) Plastic keyboards have gaps between the keys where dirt can (and will at the first opportunity) infiltrate. This makes them always dirty and therefore unsuitable for a medical environment where there should be cleanliness.

2) They are non-sanitised keyboards. You cannot think of spraying sanitising liquid on a plastic keyboard, because the liquid would risk seeping inside the keyboard, causing it to break. Furthermore, in order to sanitise a plastic keyboard you would have to detach each individual key and clean underneath.  

And this is not possible.

3) They are not waterproof keyboards.  

Plastic keyboards cannot be near water, because if it were to spill over the keyboard, this would risk breaking it.

4) Last but not least: these keyboards are not aesthetically suited to the healthcare sector within which you want to place them. If you are the owner of a medical - or dental - practice, try to think what effect ordinary plastic keyboards would have on your desk, in a white, clean, sterilised environment.  

What idea do you think you are giving your patients? An idea of cleanliness and hygiene?

As you can see for yourself, after analysing these features in depth, using keyboards that are neither sanitised nor washable in an industry where sanitisation and sterilisation are key factors, is neither possible nor hygienic. 

Medical keyboards: 5 reasons why they are most suitable for the healthcare sector

While plastic keyboards are the worst choice for the healthcare sector, medical keyboards are the most conscious and suitable choice.

But what are medical keyboards?

Not very well known - not even in the health sector - the term medical keyboards encompasses all those types of keyboards that are perfectly suited to the health sector due to certain characteristics that we will now analyse.

In particular, we are talking about glass keyboards.

What is so special about them and why should you buy a glass keyboard instead of a plastic one?

1) Glass keyboards have touch technology and are hygienic. Completely smooth to the touch, they have no gaps between the keys. They have a membrane that covers them and makes them completely hygienic and impervious to dirt and bacteria. Because they have no keys, dirt, viruses and bacteria cannot infiltrate and contaminate the keyboard.

2) Glass keyboards are easy to sanitise. Equipped with a button that allows you to lock the entire surface, you can wipe them clean in an instant with a sanitising solution.

3) They are completely waterproof.  

The very membrane that covers them prevents water from seeping in and damaging the keyboard. Thus, you can even work in contact with water or wash the keyboard directly under running water. Neither water nor liquids can damage it.

4) They are very beautiful and elegant keyboards.  

The aesthetic factor, although not much considered in a healthcare environment, should be one of the main reasons why you choose a glass medical keyboard over a commercial plastic one. In fact, since you have to receive customers inside your clinic or medical practice, it is of utmost importance that the keyboards you are going to choose give an idea of hygiene, cleanliness and - why not - are also very nice to look at!

5) Glass keyboards are usually white: a colour that recalls hygiene and sterilisation and blends in with their surroundings. Clinics, hospitals and dental practices... the colour that covers the walls is always one: white.  

DoctorKeyboards' glass keypads are also available in black.

Equipped with touchpad or numeric keypad and with different types of connections (cable or USB stick, or Bluetooth). 

Our DoctorKeyboards are suitable for all healthcare sectors. 

We have 4 models in our catalogue.

The advantages of purchasing glass medical keyboards from DoctorKeyboards

When you choose DoctorKeyboards for your glass medical keyboards, you will have the opportunity to request a FREE 15-day keyboard TRIAL.  

This way you can touch the keyboard, switch it on and try it out on your desk and assess whether it is suitable for your field of work.  

And if you don't like it... you can return it to us at no extra cost!

If you are interested in our keyboards, you will have the opportunity to interface with one of our technicians for a free consultation, so that you can assess which keyboard model is best suited to your work environment.  

And if you have any problems, you will receive free product support and be able to interface with one of our technicians, who is always available!

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